Alabama A&M vs. Alabama State McDonald's Magic City Classic

TwinSportsTV: Interview with #68 Dixon (Linemen) of Palmetto Prep

TwinSportsTV: Interview with Israel Shead' of GPSA Basketball

TwinSportsTV: Georgia Prep vs. Gattaca Hurricanes ( Highlight Game)

TwinSportsTV: Interview with Alvin Artist for GPSA Basketball

TwinSportsTV: College prep

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THE UNSCRIPTED, UNCUT segment is a montage of Pre & Post game interviews with coaches, players and fans alike. This segment has a more relaxed interviewing style where we say, “The cameras roll and anything goes.” It allows the athlete to grow and develop in a non-stressful interview setting which allows he/she the opportunity to SELF REFLEX and in return gives them the ability to SELF CORRECT. Interviewing in front of the media/press can be very stressful for athletes. The more experience they have with the media/press the more successful they will become! Therefore promoting positive GROWTH.  “Get Your Game Up” and TwinSportsTV will show up!! Our team of professionals are at games, camps and tournaments, capturing the talents of today’s athletes and athletic organizations. 

Smart Sports Tips:

  1. A post-grad prep school provides another year of secondary school before moving on to college. It is considered a fifth year of high school. Athletes do not lose their college playing eligibility like they do by playing at the junior college level. Some schools allow students to graduate in December and declare them eligible for college in January. This makes an athlete more attractive to college coaches and helps him get acclimated to college before fall practice begins.

  1. Athletes choose post-grad prep schools for various reasons. Some athletes have GPA or core class requirements to fill, and others need to improve their ACT or SAT scores. Some players just need time to get a little better. Skill development is a huge focus for these schools. A lot of times high school athletes are put in position to help their team win, not necessarily the best place for them to get recruited or succeed at the college level. A post-grad program can help him prove he can play another position. For whichever the reason, athletes are getting a second chance at a college education playing the sport they love.

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