Episode 19 Sporty Girls Soccer


Nigel 2014 FIFA World Cup Trip Surprise sponsored by McDonald's

2014 US Youth Soccer National Championships

US Youth Soccer National Championships

BU 12-2 Youth Soccer Malden vs Somerville.

TwinSportsTV: soccer

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Smart Sports Tip:

  1. Regular physical activity benefits health in many ways, including helping build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints; helping control weight and reduce fat; and preventing or delaying the development of high blood pressure (GAO, 2012). Exercise is one of the least expensive ways to stay healthy, with one study finding that exercise can prevent chronic diseases as effectively as medication (British Journal of Medicine, 2013).

  1. Childhood sports participation is a significant predictor of young adults' participation in sports and physical fitness activities. Adolescents who play sports are eight times as likely to be active at age 24 as adolescents who do not play sports (Sports Participation as Predictors of Participation in Sports and Physical Fitness Activities in Young Adulthood, Perkins, 2004).

  1. High school athletes are more likely than non-athletes to attend college and get degrees; team captains, MVPs achieve in school at even higher rates (US Dept. of Education, 2005).