IDENTICAL TWINS Regina and Renita are co-host of the popular Youth Sports TV Show TwinSportsTV. Together, they re-tell their life experience of childhood bullying through rhythm and rhyme. This colorful story is filled with real life situations exposing the consequences of bullying and the affect it has on young people.

Through the story’s setting and unique looking characters, it unveils the power of Loving Self First, making good choices and becoming an Upstander to change the way we see ourselves and others. It’s a great story for school age students as it takes place in school environments; the classroom, hallways, recess and even the bus stop where bullying most often occurs.

There are three possible endings to the story which allows for deep discussions about what could have happened and what actually happened; leaving kids with a greater insight about the consequences of their actions.

As a bonus, the book includes standards based activities for grades K-5. All Proceeds benefit the TwinSportsTV Foundation to help aid in youth development and active lifestyles.